An exception was thrown during while updating the dns cache

30-Dec-2017 17:50

Then, enter “dscacheutil –flushcache” at the command prompt followed by the “Return” key.You will not necessarily see any response on the terminal. In Mac OS 10.4 Tiger, the command is slightly different, lookupd –flushcache, but has the same effect.Many times, i Tunes users will forget to try this step and realize that they have an Internet outage or are no longer connected to a wireless network.If the alternative website loads in the device or computer’s web browser then the Internet connectivity cause can be eliminated as a reason for the error.The i Tunes error 9808 is commonly related to the “i Tunes Network Connection Timed Out” error; however, is normally limited to only Windows users.The specific 9808 error is referred to as the “Unknown i Tunes Store error” and is normally created through a conflict with a third party software application on the Windows operating system (OS).This will not help troubleshoot issues with Apple mobile devices; however, it will help you continue to eliminate potential issues or causes for the connectivity error. DNS (Domain Name System) is a database that translates plan language web addresses to the Internet Protocol (IP).

Unlike Mac OS X, Windows will then display a message stating that “DNS Resolving Cache has been flushed.” Note that in some versions of windows, you will need to be logged in as an “Administrator” to perform this task.

Step 6 – For Windows users, if you still encounter i Tunes connection errors at this point, uninstalling and then reinstalling the i Tunes program has proven effective for some end-users.

Step 7 – Troubleshoot potential home router issues by disconnecting the wireless router and connecting to the Internet directly through your DSL or cable modem.

Ensure that all files required to reinstall computer security software are available for use (to include noting the license key).

Your computer will be at risk for the timeframe the software is disabled while troubleshooting the i Tunes connection error.

Step 1 – Exit i Tunes if it is running on your computer by selecting the “File” and “Exit” menu buttons. Then, select the “Tools” menu option followed by “Internet Options.